Wreath of dried flowers for photophore

DIY • Publié le 22 June 2020

We are impatiently waiting for it! Spring and its heyday …

The photophores, more often associated with the warmth and ambiance of winter cocooning evenings, can just as easily cross the seasons with little ideas.

Today, we’re creating a wreath of dried flowers to give a little taste of spring to our decoration.


1/ Make your crown out of wire, check that the diameter is properly adjusted around the photophore.

2/ Using the glue gun and your dried flowers, make your floral arrangement.

3/ You can finally add a piece of fabric that will make your composition light and colorful!

Here is a very simple and economical idea to have a new photophore every season! Seashell wreath in summer … Dried leaves for fall … The versions are endless!

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