Virvoltan, always moving !

Inspiration • Publié le 06 August 2020

The mobile, often associated with the genius Alexandre Calder, was above all an animated work of art, a suspended sculpture, before being a decoration. It was in 1932 that the artist exhibited for the first time his creations made of rods and metal plates. Some were powered by small motors operated by Alexander.

But it was another artist, not just anyone, who called them “mobile”: Marcel Duchamp!

We probably understand better the poetry and the sweet madness that emerge from each mobile. As the air moves, the mobile changes face. It awakens our child’s soul, entertains or invites us to meditate.

Each room has its own mobile, it is the most important … Because no, it’s not just the children’s room. Colors and shapes blend harmoniously and one thinks of the opera ballets of yesteryear.

Virvoltan decorative mobiles are not just beautiful. They once again convey the values ​​of our online store Le Toucan du Touquet: 100% French manufacture, eco-responsible products made from recycled steel and wood from certified forests.

We will end this beautiful story as we started it, with a genius.

No better than J.P Sartre to talk about our ceiling creations:



“A mobile: a small local festival,
an object defined by its movement and which does not exist outside of it,
a flower that fades as soon as it stops,
a pure play of movement as there are pure plays of light. “