Touctouq ? Who are you ?

It’s a shop created by lovers of pretty things.
Beautiful objects and beautiful impressions.

But above all, artists who create, who draw and who never stop dreaming.
Here, we want to offer you a selection of products imagined and designed by small European designers. Decoration that has been preserved for decades, that is transmitted, offered and displayed with pride. Far from fast-fashion, make the choice of sustainable and handmade.

Inspired by nature, the sparkles of the world and its other charms; we breathe the beauties that surround us. We breathe in, we breathe out, we create, we breathe.

Le Toucan du Touquet is exoticism, beauty, freshness, light and shade, water and earth, air and trees.
And the rustle of it all.

It’s us, it’s me.
Welcome to my home.
Make it your home.

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