Sock for my cuff

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020




Here is a little idea, a little tip, to decline an accessory in summer or winter version! So that it does not get cold, or so that it can become 100% summer, we sew a small sock for its cuff!


Here I used my My Little Party Box bracelet; My Little Paris, I love you, I adore you and see no offense there, but my dear bracelet becomes a little chilly at the end of the year, and sometimes a little sad in summer when you want colors! A little wool and it faces the seasons in style!




How do we do!? You just have to cut a rectangle of the chosen fabric, here for the My Little Box bracelet, 17 cm x 10 cm.

We fold it in half, and we make two seam lines to close the sock. Of course, we do not forget to sew on the back of the fabric, in order to hide them. The bracelet is actually 16cm long. The extra cm is for making a flap. You can sew a small press button to make everything clean and beautiful, but it is not at all essential, you can also fold it all inside with a small fold / hem.plan-manchette-lemonrockplan-manchette2-lemonrockmanchette-duo-hiver


This little trick not only allows you to wear a bracelet that you like more often, but also to completely personalize it to your taste! But you can also use the fabric of an old shirt that you no longer wear for example. We all have stained or damaged cherished clothes that we keep because it is a darling piece, or because the patterns are nice. Here’s a way to bring them back to life!



• Summer version… •

For the summer version, I used the beautiful and famous Liberty fabric. Fresh and colorful, it will be perfect for summer outfits, and especially with white, a big trend this season!


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