Sandrine Tortikian, the art of white !

Inspiration • Publié le 27 July 2020

As you know, we have a special interest in small European creators.
Those who work the raw materials by hand, who design a durable, respectful, refined and elegant decoration.
Sandrine Tortikian’s works are all of that.
The French craftswoman, from her workshop, creates lamps with pure lines that are part of a poetic and sensitive universe.


All dressed in white (“White in my collections has imposed itself.”), Sandrine Tortikian’s creations pay homage to porcelain, its purity and softness. The white color, or rather the absence of color, seems vast, airy. The white encourages contemplation. It enlarges and illuminates the rooms. Sandrine Tortikian also talks about resting the eyes.


That’s it: Sandrine Tortikian’s lamps bring well-being.
The bulb with incandescent filaments and the pieces of wood, also provide privacy and comfort for interiors. It is this mixture that allows visual harmony. The artist creates warm objects that adapt to any type of decoration.


Another essential point of her work is the play of forms and materials.
She explores all the richness of porcelain. It mixes its softness with the crude wood. She looks and seeks, uses patience to reach a balance. She likes to combine forms and combine materials with creativity and lightness, “like a game of balance, an acrobat performance”. We salute “the accuracy of the forms and the delicacy of the imprints”.


When we talk about fingerprints, we think of history.
Each lamp tells its own creative process, talks about its author, sends emotions …
Each piece has irregularities and variations.
Sandrine Tortikian finds inspiration in her curiosity and creates by instinct.

And that’s what makes each of its lamps unique.

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