My origami vase

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020


Origami is a safe bet! This folding principle has existed for hundreds of years, and the craze is not about to falter!

Sober, elegant, geometric, origami can also be a hobby or a passion, and very often a puzzle!

I lOoOve origami! It’s chic, it’s graphic! And it goes perfectly with just about any type of interior …

In this little DIY that I propose to you, it is not a question of mounting in incomprehensible folding, but rather of “cut and paste” which in the end, will give an origami style.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

◊ Material:

– a few sheets of paper. If the paper is a little thick, it’s better. Mine weighs 170gr

– a pair of scissors.

– a cutter.

– good glue (I used wood glue, and it was perfect).

– a spray of paint (white and satin for me).

– a bottle of water or milk (cylindrical).

– a printer to print the circles.


– a compass and a lot of patience (!)


Here are the circles I used. You can download them by clicking on them.



◊ Procedure:

– Print the page in 3 copies

– Cut each small round, with a lot of patience!

– On the page that I suggest you print, you can see that there is a triangle in the circle. Take the cutter, and with the back of the blade (the non-cutting part) make a crease along the lines of the triangle. This will allow a nice fold.

– Now fold the paper along this triangle.

– Put a little glue on the folded part, and glue it against another folded part. Easy!


– You have to repeat this process as many times as necessary, to obtain the desired height and width.

– Cut your bottle to the desired height.

– If the job is done correctly, just thread the folded and glued paper to the bottle.


◊ For the final touch, spray paint. The result will only be better, and cleaner.

IMG_6534 IMG_6540IMG_6559

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