Liberty on my wrist feat. Recycling

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020

banniere2 I put my little time to appreciate it, but that’s it, better late than never, I like Liberty, I’m even completely addicted!

I want it everywhere in my life! And to take advantage of this wind of liberty, I tie it up on my wrist! Ironic, right …?

Here are my little Liberty bracelets made with a few bottle openers!

If like me you like to recycle, you surely already had to keep them, collect them, store them until a bright idea comes out of the bottom of the drawer … BIM! It’s over! Let’s display our taste for recycling!


necessaire2duo-fabduo-fab3 IMG_0011montage-liberty-braceletIMG_9921 IMG_9954duo-bracelet4IMG_9903 IMG_9942 IMG_9960


IMG_9923 IMG_9976IMG_9928duo-bracelet3 IMG_9927

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