Ecology … Up to the packages!

Inspiration • Publié le 27 July 2020

Where better than on our Touctouq blog
which promotes and supports the art of recycling,
to talk about our packages?



Recycling is a daily life and our eco-responsible project also involves our packaging!

Still in this idea of ​​sustainable and responsible decoration, we collect waste and maintain our efforts and our anti-waste commitment by preparing your orders in boxes already used in order to limit energy expenditure.

By giving a second life to used carton boxes, and by choosing the most suitable size for your orders, we reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.

We strive to protect the environment throughout the operation of our online store. From the idea, through the choice of designers and products, to the design of your packages.

In addition, you will soon find here even DIY tips for creating decorative objects with our carton boxes!


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