It’s in the bag!

DIY • Publié le 22 June 2020


What happiness! I think this is the DIY field that I prefer, although I am a complete ignorant in the field of electricity! … No matter, I get around the problem … but it reminds me that I will have to learn some basics one day or the other …

You can find some of my ideas here, here and here (and others to come), but for now, here is my answer to this Battle DIY, a very simple proposition certainly, but one that I really like because it offers subdued light, and many possibilities for personalization!

What I need: Light bulb and wire (of course) + a small tin can + something to keep the tin securely attached. I used a magnet that I got from an old amp that was lying on the side of the road.


The idea is simple: place the wire + the bulb in a shopping bag.

My goal is not at all to praise the brands, but very often their shopping bags are quite graphic, interesting, with a particular paper: soft, silky, grainy or with hot prints or selective varnish etc. .. Very often we love them, but we don’t know what to do with them! (…)

Just make a cut at the bottom of the bag so that the wire comes out of the bag without problem.

Finally we can use our pretty bags from our favorite shops! Thanks thanks!


My little bag “Princesse Tam-Tam“! Another darling brand! Thank you Thank you!
Here, it was the purple ribbons that charmed me, and which gives the lamp / bag a little boudoir dimension.


Here is a classic version of the kraft paper bag. The advantage is that you can easily cut small shapes inside, to let more light through, and for a little bit of originality and personalization.
I did not look for very long, and I just cut out a few small stars, but ultimately, there is no limit!


However, I doubt the reliability of this bag there. You still have to pay attention to the heat of the bulb, and do not cause a fire. Here the paper is a little thin, but for example, I use the idea of ​​this lamp with the Princesse Tam-Tam bag for about 1 1/2 months, and I had no problem!


And here is my favorite model! The Kookailamp / bag!
As far as I’m concerned, I don’t particularly want to have a lamp stamped with a big logo at home! It is not really the purpose of the operation!
And that’s what I liked about this one! The brand remains discreet, only the new little hook (funny moreover) is visible: “Hell is ME!”

It is so true and for all of us!


Originally, it is written in black, so I took my trouble patiently, and carefully cut each letter with a scalpel.

The light added to the pink of the ribbons brings femininity and softness, and to the murderous phrase, a touch of character in addition …


Hell is in the bag!



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