I / TEMS, candles with a soul!

Inspiration • Publié le 23 July 2020

I / TEMS is above all a deep sensitivity and personal experiences
that are told through scented candles full of emotion.



In any case, this is what motivates its three designers Zornitsa, Natalia and Sara to design their collections.
The scented candles they make are inspired by moments, characters, memories, embodied in the name or word from which each scent is born and develops.

It all started around the Rose scented candle. Indeed, the trio wanted to celebrate the Bulgarian rose and change the image of their country’s products internationally.

For each candle, it is first of all the story that is the starting point of the creation process.
Zornitsa, Natalia and Sara whirl around an inspiring word, which gives the sensation of the scent they are looking for. Then, the story follows. Ideas are transformed into perfume formulas specially developed in Grasse, France.

Grasse, it is well known, is the cradle of perfume. I / tems therefore turned to the best in the field. Behind I / TEMS is the oldest Jean Niel family perfume house, dating from 1779. The fragrances are unique and tell stories. And in the hands of experienced perfumers, the fragrance comes to life.

The trio brilliantly fulfills its objectives and conveys the values ​​shared by Le Toucan du Touquet: consuming better, favoring a European design using products that respect the environment. The candles use a pure vegetable wax from plants. Quality, from idea to realization.

The brand goes even further. She also joined forces with the Bulgarian artist Rozalina Burkova who, through another art, portrays and color the history of I / tems perfumes.



To quote I / tems, the magic of candles comes to life
“Thanks to the flame which becomes the soul of each home”.





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