I should get off my Unicorn***

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020

While wandering on the internet, you surely came across an image like me with the little phrase “Me Crazy ?! I should get off my Unicorn and slap you”
A very nice sentence and that I have always found underused graphically.
Here is how I had fun with it …


To affix my graphics, I chose to make myself a small pocket. Very easy to do yourself, since ultimately, it is only 2 rectangles of fabric to superimpose one on the other + a zipper. Just recycling! One of my thousands of unused tote bags, an old importable t-shirt and a reclaimed zipper.



To write on the fabric, 2 possibilities (at least): – Or using transfer paper to put in your printer. After printing, just pass an iron on the paper correctly positioned on the fabric. – Either (as I did) by printing the graphics on a very stupid page, and by transparency, draw on the fabric. but you will still need to use a light table or sit against a window.



Be careful! The choice of pen is very, very important! I first started with a pilot with a very fine point, and after finishing my drawing and proud of myself, I draw my iron to properly smooth my piece of fabric and POUF! All the ink disappeared suddenly like this! Magic tricks & nervousness, we’re at the top! So no joke = Fabric pen only!

IMG_6388This experience was for me one of my first uses of my sewing machine! More to come !

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