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Aromatic candle Sun Garden (blackcurrant, basil) 200gr


Dawn: the appearance of the first rays before sunrise.

A fresh and invigorating scent, the feeling of being a spring morning when it is deeply inhaled.
Lively aroma of freshly cut grass and flowering trees.
Fragrance combined with the freshness of lemon and lime, enhanced by a light breath of herbs.

Tops: lemon / lime.

Heart: blackcurrant / peony / basil.

Base: orange / musk.

Contains yellow tangerine essential oil, which elevates and refreshes the mind.

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The aromatic candles are cast by hand in a metal container, contain the fragrance of an essential oil composition, a 100% cotton wick and a special formula for uniform combustion.

Burn time: up to 60 hours.

Weight: 200 gr. (about 7 ounces)

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