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DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020


corbeille-fruitsHeat heat!

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In the last few days, with the real heat, I noticed that many were doing a great house cleaning, and getting rid of their old broken, dusty, rusty fans etc …

On the sidewalk, the garbage cans line up, and we see corpses of fans from another decade coming out.
At the end of the 4th, my brain started to get excited, and I exhumed one and a half to try something …

Recycling love…


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corbeille-fruitsWhen you look at a fan, the first thing you notice is on the metal grilles. They made me think of these basket models that I saw here and there on the internet …




Come on! It’s easy, let’s do this! We grab a screwdriver and pliers, and go go go!

You will also need, depending on your personalization choices:

– 1 foam brush

-1 brush with soft bristles to avoid traces of paint on the metal

– metal, acrylic or lacquered paint.

The first thing to do is to dismantle it:
– Separate the part of the grid facing you. In most cases, these are only small latches to lift.
If there are welded parts, you can force them with pliers; the metal is rather malleable.
– Clean it well.
– You can now start your personalization: Tye & Die, All white, lacquered, matt, fluorescent…

– Plan a little bit of patience, it will take a few superimposed layers for the paint to cover the metal well.


7-lemonrcok-diyI opted for one: a Tye & die of flashy pink to white. For the other: a white to metal Tye & Die
I also made a cream lacquer, very very nice and stylish 50’s. But be aware that if you opt for lacquer, it takes 4 hours of waiting between 2 coats and a complete drying of a week! So … it wasn’t over when I wanted to present this idea to you! ^^


8-lemonrock-diyEnjoy seasonal fruits!


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