DIY • Small storage places for Spring !!

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020

What if we cleaned up ?!

The sun begins to reappear … Yes!

The days are getting longer …

Long weekends are coming …

Maybe it’s time to do a little Spring storage!




Come on! Go go go !

I don’t know about you, but on our side, we almost believe that we are in a hurricane period! What a mess!

The one that prevents you from working and feeling good …

So instead of the too classic and too sad boxes, let’s store our little things in small graphic, chic, simple, cute and many other things!

Not complicated to achieve, with almost nothing and in addition, I show you how to do it 🙂

!! Go go go !!

For the first small module below, here is the form to print ⁎ * ✧clic✧ * ⁎.


lemonrock_7737 lemonrock_7734

• Print it on an A4 sheet, or enlarge it if you want a larger module. (Do not forget to use a very thick sheet so that your module is of the best possible quality)

• Then cut with the dotted lines.

Crease ⁎*✧clic✧*⁎.

• Now glue the triangles with the cut sides, on the face of the triangle next to it. You should find the movement easily.

• Woooooow! Already done! To personalize please! 🙂


>>> For storing masking tape, cords, erasers, threads of all kinds, USB keys, cartridges, small jewelry … Everything!



I am very proud to present the second module, entirely made by me!

A slightly larger, slightly floral module that recalls the poetry of a water lily …




Here is the shape:




If you want to create it as it is on my photos, and like me you only have an A4 printer, you will have to print it in several times:

• Print once ⁎*✧clic✧*⁎.

• Print three times *✧clic✧*⁎.

• Or, here is the shape in 1 single piece (43 x 43 cm) ⁎*✧clic✧*⁎.

• Keep the same proportions.

• Remember once again to use very thick paper for a better and above all durable result!

• Then it only remains to cut everything. Crease ⁎ * ✧click✧ * ⁎ . And glue the flaps from the center of the form to the outside.




I hope you enjoyed this DIY! And maybe thanks to me, you will tidy up your desk a bit 🙂

And as always, I and my love of folded paper could not resist taking photos again and again …

Happy week!




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