Delphine Plisson, a decoration for young and old!

Inspiration • Publié le 22 July 2020

If Le Toucan du Touquet defends the “consuming better”,
it is also because France and Europe are full of talented craftsmen.
Delphine Plisson is one of them.



This graphic designer moved to the South of France and decided to professionalize her hobby: manual work. Since then, Delphine Plisson has been drawing, cutting and producing beautiful decorative objects by hand. From her workshop, she works with natural materials and designs decorations to put on or hang easily.

Her soft creations, in brass or cotton, coexist in harmony.
The poetic universe of Delphine Plisson is often inspired by her daughters, motherhood and childhood.
But her creations are intended for children as well as adults!

Promoting artisanal manufacturing and reasoned production (the creations are in limited series), Delphine Plisson takes the time to conscientiously take care of the workmanship of each work, unique, precious, timeless.

The materials used come from France or Europe and sometimes Delphine Plisson lends itself to the game of recycling. Once again, a decoration of which Le Toucan du Touquet is proud. Raw materials, pretty creations, made in France and designed by hand.



And it is by hand that we write the most beautiful tales …






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