Christmas wreath feat. The Peonies

DIY • Publié le 23 June 2020



I had the chance to participate in a DIY Christmas wreath workshop with The Peonies!

A superb opportunity to fall straight into the festive atmosphere of the end of the year! #happy

I always liked the end-of-year celebrations, but this year, go figure out why, the fever is taking me!

So here it is!

It was in the magnificent La Terrass hotel in Montmartre that we had an appointment for 2 hours of plant creation.


On the ground floor, after the small lounges of the hotel, we were seated at our tables, with all our little plant material available.

If you also want to create your crown, here is what we used …


To start, we started with wooden circles … I no longer know which ones (!) ((Sorry)) They will form the structure of the crown.

The principle will be to attach branches of different plants around this circle, with wire, and always in the same direction:

We set a branch, then the following, taking care to try to hide each time the beginning of the branch. At the start, fix them by turning, for example, clockwise, to make sure that the sheets all take the same direction. –> question of harmony.


The plants chosen to make this crown are:

To start: the Chriptomeria.

Then, the Juniperus.

Then, golden Eucaliptus.

And to add color and make a colorful and more lively crown: Mirthe, Limonium, Astrantia and Wax.

It’s all about balance, envy and taste, so treat yourself!


It’s finished! She is far from being the prettiest, many participants had made competition crowns.

The advantage with this type of decoration is that once you have assembled the structure, it can evolve according to your desires and your discoveries at the florist!

In terms of decoration, you can simply hang it on the end of a nail, or position it in the center of a table. My little madness of eternal love in decoration, it is the candle, to place in the center <3… (and in multitude)


Thanks The Peonies! It was so nice!

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